Congress themes

  • Late-breaking updates including but not limited to Neurodegenerative, Neuroinflammatory, Neurovascular, Paroximal and Extrapiramidal disorders
  • Current status of Pharmacological, Cell-based and Nanotechnology-based therapies
  • Deep brain stimulation


V. Bašić Kes (Clinical Hospital Center Sestre Milosrdnice, Croatia); S. Bašić (Clinical Hospital Dubrava, Croatia); E. Bilić (Clinical Hospital Center Zagreb, Croatia); M.E. Cudkowicz (Harvard Medical School, USA); D. Chudy (Clinical Hospital Dubrava, Croatia); C. Dreyfus (Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, USA); M. Di Luca (University of Milan, European Brain Council); J. Glover (University of Oslo, Norway); H. Hampel (Sorbonne University, France); M. Hariz (University College London, UK); D. Ježek (University of Zagreb School of Medicine); M. Klarica (University of Zagreb School of Medicine); Z. Kokaia (Lund University, Sweden); L. Mazzini (University of Eastern Piedmont, Italy); D. Nizetic (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore & Imperial College London, UK); R. Milo (Barzilai Medical Center, Israel); S. Papermaster (Nano Vision, USA); D. Soldo Butković (Clinical Hospital Center Osijek, Croatia); B. Trapp (Cleveland Clinic, USA); V. Vuletić (Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka, Croatia).